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A trucker's guide to important forms and deadlines

Truck drivers must consider many factors when taking on the occupation, including what forms to file and when and what tags to obtain. Dates and names can get a bit tricky, so this guide explains the purpose of each form and when they are due. 

  • Form 2290

  • IFTA

  • IRP

  • UCR

What is Form 2290? 

Vehicles weighing more than 55,000 pounds and traveling more than 5,000 miles in a year require HUVT (Heavy Vehicle Use Tax) form 2290 to be filed. In a year, if the vehicle does not drive more than 5,000 miles, it is considered suspended. In the case of an agricultural vehicle that travels less than 7,500 miles per year, it is also considered suspended. You still need to file Form 2290 even if the vehicle is suspended.  

Do you know when the deadline is? 

Unless a holiday or weekend falls on August 31st, you must file your Form 2290 by that date every year. If you choose to start receiving it in May, it will be moved to the next business day. It is also important to know when you must file your 2290 for the first time once your truck is on the road. By the end of November, if you put your truck on the road in October, you must file your Form 2290.

Where to File?

You can use Simple 2290 to file your Form 2290 in just a few easy steps! 

What is IFTA? 

It’s known as International Fuel Tax Agreement, IFTA filing is required for the commercial motor that travels between jurisdictions and purchases fuel from different jurisdictions.

What are Timeframe and Deadline? 

Actually, IFTA is filed on a basis of quarterly, The following quarters are

Quarter 1: Timeframe is (January 1 – March 31) & deadline is (April 30 (May 2, 22)

Quarter 2: Timeframe is (April 1 – June 30) & deadline is (July 31)

Quarter 3: Timeframe is (July 1 –  September 30) & deadline is (October 31)

Quarter 4: Timeframe is (October 1 – December 31) & deadline is (January 31)

(During weekends and holidays, deadlines will be moved to the following business day) 

What is IRP? 

Truck plates are called the International Registration Plan (IRP). Trucks that are crossing state lines, weigh more than 26,000 pounds, and have three or more axles are eligible for the IRP.


What is the deadline for IRP and where do you renew it? 

Depending on the state/jurisdiction, the answer varies. Depending on the month you first registered, some states have set deadlines, and others have a set deadline every year. If you are located in your base jurisdiction, you can find the IRP office there.

What is UCR? 

UCR stands for Unified Carrier Registration Program. There is a filing requirement for commercial vehicles that carry cargo over state lines or over international borders.

When is the Deadline for UCR?

On the 31st of December

After learning what forms and tags you need to be a truck driver, write these dates down on your calendar or put them on your phone. It is possible to incur fines and penalties if you fail to comply with them. You can file your UCR with EasyUCR