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A complete guide to Form 8849

In order to file the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, the driver of a vehicle that weighs 55,000 pounds or more must complete Form 2290. Refunds for the payment of the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax are also available in some cases. Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes are usually paid, but the vehicle must not exceed 5,000 miles (7,500 miles if it is used for agricultural purposes). Having already paid the tax for a particular year and having the vehicle stolen, sold, or destroyed can also result in a refund request. 

Proof of your vehicle's sale, theft, or destruction is required to file Form 8849 and claim a refund. Your IRS refund request must be supported by a clear explanation of the reason for the refund. The documents that can be provided include a bill of sale, a police report, or an insurance claim form.

By making Form 8849 filing as simple and fast as possible, Easy 2290 guarantees the most convenient experience for drivers. Form 8849 must be selected when filing and instructions on how to fill it out will be provided. The total refund amount you are requesting is entered along with your name, Employer Identification Number (EIN), and company name. If you choose December as the end of your tax year, then you will need to file your taxes in December. You will automatically be notified that the IRS has received the completed form once you click transmit.

Easy2290 will automatically generate Form 8849 if your Form 2290 was filed through it. Your Form 2290 information will immediately be transferred to Form 8849 when you select this option. There is no need to re-enter any information since it is a convenient feature. It will automatically calculate the refund amount based on the information you have provided. 

If your Form 8849 is approved, the IRS should let you know within 4-8 weeks of submitting it. In recent months, the process has taken longer because it is manually handled. IRS notifications either come in letters asking for more information or providing instructions on how to send that information. The refund check may also include a check for the refund balance owed and approval.

If you filed Form 2290 with Easy2290, filing Form 8849 is simple and only takes a few minutes. The automatically generated Form 8849 will already contain your information. Transfer the form to the IRS once all of the information has been filled out and wait for it to be processed and accepted. Just like that, you're done. How long do you have to wait? Today, you can claim your refund on Form 2290 through Form 8849 by filing with Easy2290.