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For heavy vehicles that are first used, file Form 2290 online

It is mandatory for vehicles to submit IRS form 2290 after the first use month. This is to calculate the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, also known as the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. Heavily loaded vehicles usually have a tax year beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30. Taxes must be paid prorated for the months when a vehicle was first used during the tax year. Easy2290.com makes it easy to file IRS Form 2290 in a timely manner.

The last day of the following month is the deadline for filing Form 2290 when a newly purchased vehicle is placed in service. In order to calculate the tax, the number of months this vehicle was driven is taken into account. In addition, Heavy Highway Vehicles have a tax year that runs from July to June. A vehicle's tax will be calculated as a whole for the month if it was used for a portion of the month. When a vehicle is used for the entire month, for example, it will be taxed as if it had been used on March 28th.

The HVUT and filing requirements of Form 2290 may not apply to some vehicles that fit the above description, although it is rare.

It is required that the vehicle be owned and operated by the following entities to qualify for an exemption from filing Form 2290:

1. In the District of Columbia
2. Government of the United States
3.Governing bodies at the state or local level
4.In the case of a mass transportation authority (if certain powers are granted by the state, they are only able to exercise these powers).
5. An organization that is not-for-profit such as a volunteer fire department, an ambulance association, or a rescue squad
6.Governments of Indian Tribes (Only if the vehicle is used for essential functions of the tribe or government)
7. The Red Cross Association of the United States
8. A chassis is required for mobile machinery
9. Blood collection vehicles that are qualified