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Errors on VINs after the deadline

The due date for the 2023-24 Form 2290 has expired, and if you have already submitted the Form 2290, did you input the correct Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?
In case you didn't, you will be required to submit an amendment to rectify this error and obtain a properly stamped Schedule 1 for your vehicle.
What Is the Significance of Having the Accurate VIN?
A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17-digit alphanumeric code that plays a crucial role in distinguishing and identifying each vehicle. Due to its uniqueness, no two vehicles can possess the same VIN.
You can locate the VIN of your vehicle on its registration and title documents or directly on the vehicle.
Ensuring the accuracy of the VIN is crucial as it is necessary to have the correct code of your specific truck on the stamped Schedule 1 (proof of filing) for it to be considered valid.
What Should You Do If Your VIN Is Incorrect?
If the VIN on your return is incorrect, you will need to amend the return so that the VIN is corrected.
In order to receive a valid Schedule 1 stamped for your vehicle, you need to complete the VIN correction amendment quickly.
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Here is the link to your Simple 2290 account so that you can file your VIN correction.
You can reach our customer support team at 703-349-0905 if you have any additional questions or need assistance.